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Why teach Mindfulness & Compassion to your children? Why do children need it?Can children be taught to meditate? Why is it best practice to lead and teach from an embodied example rather than a "do as I say" technique?

Our programs are for parents/carers/guardians who want to live a more mindful life, incorporating mindfulness, compassion and meditation into their daily family life. Our courses are also suitable for families who are experiencing difficulty parenting and cultivating the happy home environment they desire. 

We provide the opportunity to learn new skills, habits and behaviours that can then be used to help you build a personalised tool-kit to create the family life you want.

Our sessions are bespoke to your unique family and our weekly sessions are held online. 

All sessions are run by fully qualified well-being and mental health professionals with specialisations in Mindfulness and Compassion.


We are also experienced mothers, partners, wives, time-jugglers, coaches, referees and negotiators. The advice we provide you with is not only peer-reviewed it is tried and tested in our own families and with our own children!

We would love to share Mindfulness & Compassion with you and your family. 

Contact: Sara Copley

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