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Self-Care Menu for the Day


Make sure you are getting enough sleep.

Wake up a little earlier than you usually do.

Start the day with 5 minutes of conscious breathing- being aware of your inbreath and your outbreath.

Try not to rush.

Move into your tasks, aware and present.

Consider the amount of tasks you are thinking of completing.


Try eating lunch somewhere you do not feel rushed or uncomfortable.

Practice STOP- 5 minute check in with yourself practice.

Spend some time outdoors, walking, sitting or just focusing on your breathing.

Offer yourself any loving kindness phrases you may need to hear: May I be safe- May I be well- I am ok- I am enough.


Make yourself a meal you will savour.

Consider writing down your feelings from the day.

Maybe note down 3 things you are grateful for.

Spend at least 30 minutes doing something that brings you joy.

Allow time for a mindful sleep-routine.

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