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Simple Daily Self-Care.

“There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.” ~ Aldous Huxley

Having a simple go to chart for self-care is very helpful when beginning to live more mindfully.

It may seem very simple and obvious but many people do not do the basics.

Journaling or simply writing things down can be a very powerful experience. The action of writing your thoughts and feelings down brings clarity and perspective to what you are experiencing and allows you to become aware of habits and dialogues you are regularly having with yourself.

Sunshine and movement are also an important time-out we should invest in daily. For some people it may be drinking their morning coffee in the sunlight, either by a window or outside if possible. Movement is another way of allowing yourself to shift perspective or gain some needed head space during your regular day. Consider walking to the local shop and not driving, taking a walk on your lunch break or scheduling in an evening walk after you have your meal.

Daily meditation and grounding. Practicing meditation everyday is one of the best ways to give yourself time to check in with how you are feeling both physically & mentally and making sure you are ok. Research has shown that a regular practice lowers blood pressure, lessens anxiety and depression, improves overall well-being and cultivates inner resilience. Meditation and grounding are used to allow you to connect more easily to the present moment, regaining clarity and perspective of your lived experience.

Nature. Spending time in nature as often as is available to you is very important. Mindfully spending time in nature involves setting the intention to listen, smell, touch and feel what is present. It may be the birds singing in the trees, the smell of the grass or bark, the rain falling on the ground, the crunch of the ground under your feet or simply the breeze on your face.

Be your own best friend. Becoming aware of your own lived experience, the difficulties, mistakes and suffering that makes up your human experience. Befriending yourself, offering yourself the same compassion, consideration and kindness you would offer to your best-friend or loved one is key to a more authentic, mindful and compassionate lifestyle.

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