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Welcome to AZUMI-Wellness a place to Recharge, Reconnect and Renew.

We have all had a very challenging year but we at AZUMI- Wellness would like to invite you to recharge your battery, reconnect with yourself and renew and re-establish your vision of your life and work ahead.

Here is what we offer:

Walk & Talk Therapy

We believe that being outdoors is in and of itself therapeutic, so the benefits of taking a talking therapy session outdoors seemed both natural and restorative. Walking and talking, side by side rather than in an office or online can be hugely beneficial to some people - especially people who are uncomfortable with or unsure of the therapeutic process. The act of walking together allows the relationship to develop naturally and communication to feel less forced and rushed.

Sessions are held in and around Berkshire and West London with parking and toilet facilities available.

Each regular session is 50 minutes.

Before your first session we recommend a phone call with Sara to discuss any questions you may have.

Many clients bring their dogs along to a session - this is great as long as the dogs temperament and energy is conducive to slow walking and talking!

Shinrin Yoku /Forest Bathing / Forest Therapy

What is it?

Forest therapy is the practice of being in nature, particularly the forest to improve your health, happiness and to gain a sense of calm and perspective. Forest therapy courses are 2 hours long and are run by certified, accredited and insured nature therapists. At AZUMI-Wellness we are passionate about helping our clients to feel recharged, reconnected and renewed and Forest therapy is one of the most powerful ways to start the process.

Shinrin Yoku began in Japan in the 1980's as a therapy to combat the exponential rise in stress related illnesses. In the 40 years that Shinrin Yoku has been a socially prescribed therapy in Japan there has been extensive scientific research into the benefits of being around trees and in nature in general.

Proven benefits of Shinrin Yoku / Forest Therapy:

1) Lower stress and anxiety

2) Reduce blood pressure

3) Improve cardiovascular & metabolic health

4) Improve concentration and memory

5) Lower blood sugar levels

6) Improve energy and focus

7) Boost the immune system

8) Increase NK cells (cells that attack and kill infected cells)

9) Increased sense of caring and purpose

10) Increased sense of wellbeing and connection

What it is NOT:

While Shinrin Yoku translates as "forest bathing" there is no bathing involved and neither is it just a stroll in the woods hugging the occasional tree and taking a few pics for Instagram!

Courses in Forest Therapy run by AZUMI-Wellness are a guided invitation to spend time in the forest and immerse yourself in the process of recharging and reconnecting with yourself and your surroundings. Clients will be encouraged to use all 5 senses while in the forest with a series of invitations from the therapist, to see, feel, smell, hear and taste. Included in the course are opportunities to practice breath meditations, journaling, grounding exercises and time alone to wander and experience nature.

Courses are suitable for everyone.

Courses are available for :




Corporate groups

The benefits that can be gained from being in nature are endless and we love being able to share our passion for mental health, resilience, the outdoors and human connection with our clients.

If you are interested in our services please give us a call and we would be happy to talk you through what we do and how we could support you.

Sara Copley

00 44 7941 551 998

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