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About Me

Sara Copley PGDip. IMC. MCMA

From a very early age, I was a keen observer of people, behaviours, and relationships. I have always enjoyed listening and talking to people.

This interest in people grew when I moved from Ireland to the US as a teenager and eventually led to studying psychology at university. After graduating I moved to London and began my career and further studies in the field of mental health.


It was in my first professional posts that I quickly realised that if I wanted to help my clients make meaningful changes in their lives, I would need to use a wide variety of treatments, interventions and approaches. 


I would need a big bag of tools!


It was at this point that I became extremely interested in holistic-based therapies that I could combine with traditional psychological methods to help my clients by creating bespoke well-being programs that really addressed their specific issues and concerns.  


Combining the traditional with the holistic has meant that I can create a suite of techniques and methods that are best suited to each of my clients and ensure that they will benefit from the best approach to healing and wellness. 

Education, Certifications, and Accreditations

4 Year BA Hons Psychology - University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA 

Focusing on cognitive neuroscience, emotional and social perception, clinical neuropsychology, social and developmental psychology, and the treatments of common but complex disorders including anxiety disorders, bipolar and depressive disorders, adjustment disorders, traumatic stress disorders, substance abuse, and addictive disorders. 

2 year Masters Diploma / Post Grad Diploma, Applied Psychology - University of Liverpool, UK

Applied psychology is the use of psychological methods and findings of scientific psychology to solve practical problems of human behaviour and experiences. This qualification enables me to not only understand the why but how people function in certain ways, translating psychology research into real-world interventions for people who need it

1 year Diploma in Mindfulness and Compassion in professional practice.

Certified by Mindfulness UK a BAMBA-accredited organisation, this diploma enabled me to integrate mindfulness and compassion into the approaches of CBT and coaching techniques, specifically how a mindfulness approach affects mental health and wellness. This qualification also focuses on the therapeutic elements of mindfulness practice including meditative practice.

Walk and Talk Therapy certification through Fiona Austen and Nature Sense London.

This certification taught me how to apply the appropriate therapies and delivery methods to be able to see my clients outdoors. Taking people outdoors in and of itself can be incredibly therapeutic, talking therapy sessions outdoors can be amazingly supportive and calming. 

Shinrin Yoku / Forest Bathing Diploma
Certified & Accredited by the Complementary Medical Association U.K.

Concepts of ecotherapy
     Physical & mental benefits of Shinrin Yoku
     How & why trees communicate with each other & how we send and receive nature’s messages.
     The use of the 5 primary senses in nature.
     The practicalities of running a forest bathing session.
     The concept of Yuugen & the threshold of connection.
      The invitations, awareness, and guidance offered to feel fully immersed in nature.
      Bringing the forest indoors.
      Safety delivering a Shinrin yoku / forest bathing session to a group.

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