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One to One Holistic Mental Health Therapy

Who is my Mental Health Therapy designed to help?

My one-to-one mental health therapy is designed for a range of diagnoses and is very effective when tackling feelings of general depression, low mood, anxiety, stress, feelings of dissatisfaction or anger management. I also work closely with clients who are struggling with lifestyle issues such as confidence – professional and personal, self-esteem and difficulty finding a life balance between work and home life. Those who suffer from unmanageable stress, burnout, parenting issues, the end of relationships, considerable life changes and boundary issues have found these sessions to be invaluable in how it helps them and provides them with the tools and ability to move forward in a positive and healthy way.

I use psychologically informed interventions and treatment plans that are designed for each individual and the issues they want to overcome.

Each session lasts 50 minutes is designed for online attendance, giving greater flexibility in my work with you.

What do I mean by holistic?

Using a range of treatment plans, I will approach your mental health therapy sessions in a very personal way to you and integrate several different approaches if they are needed.

Mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy (MCBT) – is a very useful tool for those who are trying to change the habits of a lifetime that no longer serve them such as building better relationships with themselves and others, learning to manage stress/ anxiety/ self-care, and trauma.

MCBT is particularly useful for people who are struggling with confusing or difficult emotions, emotional regulation & behavioral issues.


Wellness focused treatment plan

Many people do not realise that a significant aspect of their anxiety, depression, and burnout can occur when their whole wellness is not being taken care of.

With a wellness-focused treatment plan, I will work with you and together we will approach your physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and intellectual wellness. We will discuss how you can improve or better the negative impact of any of these stressors.

For example, if your needs in terms of your career, your relationships with friends and family, and your social and spiritual wellness are not being met currently it can leave you feeling low, unbalanced, and unhappy without you being aware of it.

I highly recommend a wellness-focused treatment plan for those with severe anxiety and wellness issues in addition to MCBT.

It would be common for your wellness self-care intervention plan to include some alternative interventions such as nature therapy, Shinrin Yoku, cold water therapy, and meditation.  However, we will work with what might fit in with your lifestyle and personal preferences.

Integrative therapy approaches plan:

Integrative therapy is a very flexible and multi-modal approach to treating clients with any of the broad spectrum of issues that I have outlined, and more. Also known as eclectic therapy, it allows me to draw on my education, knowledge, experience, and gut instinct to build a treatment plan that best suits your needs.

Integrative therapy is particularly beneficial for those who get bored fast with therapy and lose motivation. The multi-faceted nature allows different techniques to work together to keep the therapy process flowing and reduce feelings of stagnation and frustration. Integrative therapy can help people who are dealing with a wide range of issues and life events, such as relationship breakdowns, long-term negative coping mechanisms, persistent anxiety, and stress amongst many other things.

The key to successful holistic mental health therapy is in creating a suite of approaches that are best suited to your personality and lifestyle, ensuring you will benefit from the best approach to healing and wellness.

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