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Mindfulness and Compassion
8 week course


Mindfulness and Compassion

8 week course

My Mindfulness and Compassion course is an 8-week course that takes place via Zoom, two hours per week, and focuses on the powerful integration of mindfulness and compassion.


In addition to the weekly lesson, there will be a range of exercises for you to do in your own time such as journalling and meditation practice. 

This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn to live more meaningfully and want to be more present for themselves and the people who matter to them – learning how to get the most joy out of your daily life.

During your eight-week course, you will learn to live confidently with a moment-to-moment awareness of yourself and your feelings, having more options on how to respond and more space to decide how to deal with challenging thoughts and feelings, and physical sensations.

Mindfulness is the ability to focus on your own present life experience in a non-judgemental, accepting, and compassionate way.

I believe that the inclusion of compassion is fundamental and is it not uncommon for my clients to learn to become much more aware of their thoughts/ feelings/behaviors/ physical sensations through mindfulness alone but then they are then stuck with feeling similar to, ‘now what’.


Learning how to be with your feelings and thoughts requires compassion for yourself, your past self, your experience, and your heart. 

Learning real self-compassion is vital - how to be aware of oneself is fantastic but how to care for oneself is the key.

At the end of the 8-week course, you will have learned

  • how to better care for yourself

  • how to be aware of your thoughts, emotions, patterns, and sensations

  • how to better manage your thoughts, emotions, patterns, behaviour, and sensations

  • build a tool kit to manage your specific life issues.

  • how the mind and body work together in terms of systems

  • learn to live more in the BEING mind rather than the DOING mind

  • increased ability to relax and calm yourself.

  • greater sense of peace and acceptance of life

  • greater sense of yourself and self-confidence regarding your life and in general

  • increased ability to deal with stress and challenges both mental and physical.

  • increased ability to be still and accept life as it is in the moment.

  • increased ability to have a  sense of self - mindfulness offers you space to be yourself and care for yourself regardless of what’s going on around you


A certificate of completion is available upon request

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