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Holistic Wellness Coaching 


Holistic Wellness Coaching

How often do you stop and pause to consider your life? Is it working for you or are there behaviours, patterns, and thoughts that are getting in the way of you reaching your goals and having the life you really want? It is common for many people to have a general feeling of dissatisfaction, a lack of direction or motivation, a sense that their work/life balance is off or that they do not know where to start or what exactly has to be changed in order to feel happier, more fulfilled and content.


Holistic wellness coaching is about

focusing on the present as a path to change the future.


My holistic wellness coaching is for everyone, whether you present with a specific psychological issue or disorder, and will help you explore any patterns of behaviour or thought that might be getting in the way of achieving your preferred lifestyle and life goals. 


Working with me will empower you to take a whole view of your health & well-being including mind, body, and spirit,  I will help you find the space and time to set intentions and goals, discover patterns and behaviours that do not serve you, get motivated and stay accountable and focussed on the goals and lifestyle changes you have set for yourself.


Together we will discover what works for you and build practices, techniques, and tools that can take you forward into the life that you want.


Holistic wellness coaching is available to you online, by phone, in person, or via walk-and-talk sessions and can include a variety of mindfulness-based tools such as journaling, breathwork, and meditation in conjunction with goal and reward setting, thought pattern awareness, behavioural and habit reset coaching and self-compassion practices.


Holistic wellness coaching is a wonderful way of approaching your overall well-being by learning to balance your mental and physical health and build positive, practical, and effective tools to allow you to feel that you are living a life that feels authentic to you.

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